Cheering at a high school graduation is not, repeat after me, a crime against humanity

There is no cheering in the press box. Newton or Einstein (I forget which) wrote that axiom.
It’s also considered gauche to cheer at funerals. Unless, of course, the deceased is headed straight to join Stalin and Hitler in hell.
But banning cheering at high school graduations?
C’mon now.
We’re becoming a nation of spoil sports. More uptight than Mitt Romney on the stump. More uptight than Barack Obama when Rev. Wright is mentioned in a Republican attack ad.
Suddenly it’s wrong to drink a soda in a cup large enough to employ a lifeguard. And suddenly it’s wrong to cheer one of your kids who picked up his or her diploma on the way to the mall.
A mother in South Carolina was arrested moments after she cheered for her daughter as she walked across the stage to accept her diploma.
Shannon Cooper was handcuffed at the South Florence High School graduation ceremony and charged with disorderly conduct.
At least they didn’t send her to the Russian Gulag.