Drone strike kills Al Qaeda No. 2

Man, let ‘em drone on!

Got it hand it to the military. Those guys do have, ahem, military precision.

I have trouble sticking lawn darts and these folks stick drones in bad guys as if they were merely sticking pins in a voodoo doll.

Indeed, the Obama Administration continues to ventilate the Al Qaeda leadership.

Not that any Republicans are noticing. Of course.

U.S. officials confirmed today that Al Qaeda No. 2 Abu Yahya al-Libi was killed in a drone strike in Pakistan on Monday. Guess he’ll never be No. 1.

Libi (what kind of name is that for a terrorist?) evidently was crucial to the group’s planning operations and will be difficult to replace.

Awesome. Best to keep these dogs neutered.

The strike killed a total of 15 people, whom the U.S. government claimed were suspected militants.

Ever notice that members of the Al Qaeda fraternity seldom are as cute as a Yorkshire terrier?