Say what? Obama beats Romney in Wisconsin exit poll despite Walker romp

Until Scott Walker popped up on the national scene, the only things folks knew about Wisconsin is that it’s colder than a spurned Eskimo maiden, the Green Bay Packers kick serious butt on the football field, and their residents think wearing cheese on their heads makes them more hip than rap artist ScHoolboy Q.
They had a recall vote on Walker as governor yesterday, and trust me it was bigger than Oprah’s backside.
Indeed, Walker survived the recall effort by getting more votes in this special election than he did in 2010.
His victory suggests three key things: That labor unions have lost their muscle and will have to labor harder to retain any relevancy; big money is big (natch); and recall fever may be cooling more than the Phillies.
However, it does not mean that Barack Obama is necessarily toast in November. So all you Obama-haters will just have to hold onto your butter knives for now.
Walker’s barrage of televised ads made the difference. That plays to Mitt Romney’s strengths in November

Tuesday also showed that messaging matters almost as much as money, believe it or not.

Now here’s irony thick enough to slice with a steak knife.

Walker’s messaging was almost identical to what Obama is using this year. Even their slogans are similar. Obama is simply using “Forward” while Walker went with “Moving Wisconsin Forward.”

Advantage, Obama.

Then there was the little matter of the exit poll question, with — surprise, surprise to quote Gomer Pyle — Obama beating Romney.


In the wake of Walker’s big win, how the heck did Romney manage not to win that poll?

Easy. No matter what, Wisconsin is a blue state. Bluer than indigo.