America’s MC Hammer message to Obama and Romney: U can’t touch this!

Let’s face it, Obama and Romney both are out of touch with Joe and Josie Six-pack. Couldn’t touch them with telephone poles.

Americans would rather invite a leper over for a cookout than Mitt Romney, who is too rich and wants to cut jobs for firefighters, police, teachers and circus clowns, or Barack Obama, who is too academic and believes the private sector fills its swimming pools with champagne and strawberries.

Of course, we don’t have to party on our patio with either of them, but should vote for one of them. Assuming you don’t want to cast a write-in vote for The Bachelorette.

Neither candidate has a sizable lead in the polls, but one poll based strictly on “likability” has Obama a football field or two ahead of Romney.

Apparently many voters still like Obama as a person. Yes, my friendly righties, hard to believe.

The question is whether popularity translates into electability.

After all, Bob Hope was more popular than ice cream. But we never had a President Hope.

Scratch that. In January 2009 we had a President Hope for a few days. His alias was President Obama.