President’s BIG Speech crystallizes the debate between Obama and Romney over the economy

Barack Obama’s MO is predictable. When the chips are more down than the Phillies, roll out the BIG Speech. Roll it out with a Big Bang.
The president threw down the gauntlet today in a campaign speech in Ohio. Threw it down with gusto. Threw it down with conviction. Threw it down like a Roman gladiator with a spear in the Colosseum.
I’m sure the Republicans will find this more annoying than an obnoxious ring tone. No matter. That response is a reflex mechanism that comes with the DNA.
On the surface, Obama recast some of the same old same old … that our economic problems predated his administration and that partisanship has been more deadly and addictive than nicotine (not exactly his words but I write better than the president’s speechwriters apparently).
Now for the gauntlet: Obama told the crowd that if they wanted “big tax cuts, huge spending cuts, and the agenda of the Bush years, then you should vote for Romney.”
In so doing, Obama framed the debate between two defining visions — 1980s conservatism and 1990s liberalism.
In essence, the president is trying to fuse two tandems — Obama and Bill Clinton (imagine that?), Mitt Romney and George W. Bush.
How effective his soldering is in holding both pairings together in the electorate’s collective eye remains to be seen.
High stakes. High drama. More high-flying theatrics than LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant in the NBA Finals. More to chew on than sushi vs. steak.