Obama administration sparing some from deportation

Oops. Republicans are going to find this more difficult to swallow than razor blades washed down with Drano.
Indeed, the GOP couldn’t have been more surprised if a squirrel had jumped into their soup.
The Obama administration announced today that it’s halting deportations of up to 800,000 illegal immigrants who were brought to the country as children.
For those of you scoring from home, congressional Democrats have tried and failed to pass the Dream Act, which has nothing to do with the Dream Team.
The Dream Act would grant legal status to illegal immigrants who arrived here as kids and have now completed high school and either attended college or served in the military.
Said President Obama: “This is not amnesty. This is not immunity. This is not a path to citizenship. It’s not a permanent fix. This is a temporary, stopgap measure that lets us focus on our resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to patriotic young people. It’s the right thing to do.”
That it is. Kids had no choice but to come along with their parents, unless they wanted to stay home and fend for themselves. Fat chance of that.
The chess move by Obama also is an end run on Republicans in an election year.
Another reason why voting booths this November should be percolating like your morning coffee.
I would say this just might be a game-changer in the election.