Romney sort of tackles immigration

I know it’s hot out today, so hot that bad guys in Reading are using water pistols instead of Glocks and birds are so exhausted by the heat they’re walking.

Of course, you and I know it’s never too hot to talk politics and get everybody hot under the collar.

Today Mitt Romney promised Latinos that he would swiftly reform the American immigration system — once again without saying whether he would end President Obama’s policy allowing some young undocumented immigrants reprieve from fear of deportation.
Granted, it’s traditional for a politician to be vague. Thomas Jefferson taught that in Politics 101.
“I will put in place my own long-term solution that will replace and supersede the president’s temporary measure,” Romney said.
Lots of details, of course, were more missing than bicuspids in West Virginia.
Actually, there was a detail or two, probably because tacos were on Mitt’s menu today. He actually came out in support of visa reform.
I’m not sure if Romney’s memory still whirs like a giant Transformer.
His remarks today were a far cry from his comments on immigration during the primary season.
During that debatable 100 Years War, Romney was one of the candidates who veered hardest to the right on immigration.
He promised to veto the Dream Act and termed Arizona a model to the nation for its law requiring employers to check the legal status of all job applicants using the federal E-Verify program.
Romney also said then that he would implement policies that encourage undocumented people to “self deport” by making life more difficult for them in the United States,
Such talk during the general campaign hardly would have Latinos doing jumping jacks in November.