Sandusky is now where all monsters belong — in a cage

Jerry Sandusky got what he deserved last night. Life behind bars for the rest of his life. Granted, he is 68. Hope God grants him another 68 years to live so he rots in prison for decades.

Also would be nice if God hit Sandusky with a bad case of the avian flu each of those remaining months.

Once Sandusky dies, he really will get hit with the fire and brimstone. He’ll probably wind up being Pro-Am partners in hell with fellow monsters Hitler, Stalin and one of those African dictators who slaughtered millions.

To the very end, Sandusky was more stoic than Rushmore granite. Who, outside the Penn State community, once would have imagined that a guy who looks so square he should be divisible by four would be such a creepy and hyperactive predator?

Sandusky chewed up kids’ lives like balsa wood. And in the process chewed up Happy Valley’s pristine image for eternity, toppling iconic Joe Paterno and school president Graham Spanier.

Sandusky, of course, abused all those boys again during the trial. He should have had the guts to plead guilty and spare his victims from further gut-wrenching shame and humiliation by forcing them to squirm horribly on the witness stand, recalling how Sandusky, like a rabbit on Viagra, kept molesting them in campus showers, basement bedrooms and the football team sauna. And still found the time to write them make-me-gag-now mash letters.

Of course, this trial was not just about a monster with off-the-charts criminal and psychological issues.

This also was about and continues to be about the dereliction of duty by Penn State administrators, leading to the most horrific scandal ever in American sports.

People at Penn State knew for some time who and what Sandusky actually was, let they allowed him to roam free and prey on children.
They kept it all in the family. What a bunch of meatheads!
They did it simply to protect the brand — Joe Paterno and Penn State football. Just took the page out of the Roman Catholic Church playbook and ran with it.
It didn’t work. Justice did take its damn sweet time, but got it done. Check that. Justice isn’t finished balancing the scales on this cesspool.
In the wake of the Sandusky tsunami of destruction, the mythology of Penn State and its once-hallowed football coach has been torn from top to bottom like the heavy curtain in the Temple of Jerusalem.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men won’t be able to restore the Camelot of Happy Valley. You see the king, JoePa I, is dead.