Obama gets big poll bump after immigration decision

Even mentioning a bump in the polls for Barack Obama is enough to bring out a contingent of dubious folks large enough to sink an oil derrick.

So forgive me if you think I’m dragging you all down the stairs for bringing this up, but how was I to know there was an elevator?

Three new Quinnipiac polls released today show Obama leading Mitt Romney in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania.

Short of a federal edict announcing that henceforth every U.S. household will have an in-house techno geek to help us stupid Americans reboot our routers, this is sort of big news.
The Quinnipiac polls find evidence of movement since May in Obama’s direction in Ohio and Florida and voter support for Obama’s newly announced immigration policy, particularly in Florida.
The new Florida survey is the second from Quinnipiac in June, and both give Obama a lead of four percentage points over Romney: 45 percent to 41 percent on the just completed survey and 46 percent to 42 percent on a poll conducted two weeks earlier.
These results represent a reversal from a Quinnipiac poll in mid-May that showed Romney leading by six points (47 percent to 41 percent).
For people who are so far right they’re never wrong, those numbers likely much harder to swallow than their catered lobster bisque.
Granted, poll numbers can change in a hiccup. If Obama shows up wearing high heels and a sun dress at his next campaign stop, his numbers will plummet like a baby grand piano shoved out an 87th-floor window.
Even without a fashion malfunction, Obama’s advantage with Latino voters will suffer if Romney proves smarter than the average bear and picks Marco Rubio to be his running mate.
That also would counter the Obama reelection team’s attempt to stigmatize Republicans as incurably racist.
And just where does a bogus premise such as that leave Michael Steele, who isn’t exactly a whiter shade of pale?