Supremes fail to pull the plug on Obamacare, triggering a tsunami of nausea across America

Well, the Supreme Court – thanks to the dastardly John Roberts – failed to make Obamacare disappear today.

Unless the Republicans come through in November, we may have to hire David Copperfield to make Obamacare vanish.

The Supremes left many of us spewing cuss words and looking to fight.

Nunchucks, anybody?

A lot of angry folks may get buy-a-vowel drunk tonight.A sharply divided Supreme Court upheld the individual insurance mandate in President Obama’s health care law handing the White House a major victory on its major domestic achievement four months before the election.

Of course, the disappointing decision may trigger Mitt Romney and Co. to work all that harder to wrest the White House away from Barack Obama.

With protestors gathered outside the court’s marble halls, Chief Justice John Roberts revealed that he had joined the liberal wing in a 5-4 ruling that the federal government indeed has the power to impose a penalty on those who fail to buy insurance —through its taxing authority, not under the Interstate Commerce Clause, as the administration had argued.

Does Roberts have “666” tattooed on his chest?

While many in the Zeke Blog label me as pro-Obama, I have written fiercely in the past that I have no more interest in Obamacare than a blind man has in rainbows.