Emails from Penn State probe take another wrecking ball to Paterno’s once celestial legacy

To a lot of us who knew that Joe Paterno ruled Penn State and let God rule the rest of the universe, we looked at reports that Paterno did his due diligence in the Jerry Sandusky scandal like a poodle at a card trick.

It seemed ludicrous that Paterno, the End All and Be All at Penn State, would merely be a bit player in the Sandusky cover-up.

While Paterno claimed he merely passed reports of Jerry Sandusky’s offenses up the chain of command, emails from former FBI director Louis Freeh’s Penn State probe indicate Paterno played a key role in Sandusky not being reported to authorities — and lied about it.

However, Paterno didn’t play any role to interfere in or compromise the investigation of Sandusky’s child sex abuse case, a lawyer for the family said.
Since the dead can only communicate on an Ouija board, dead men can’t be indicted for perjury.