Conservative justices evidently pushed Roberts into the hands of Obama

Conservatism can be more dangerous than setting off firecrackers while gassing up your vehicle.

I wouldn’t equate conservatism with that other nasty C-word, cancer, but conservatism can be more lethal than juggling hand grenades with the pins pulled while wearing oven mitts.

Granted, to conservatives there is only one nasty C-word – compromise. You will never see a conservative do the limbo. Their spines are even less flexible than Joan Rivers’ facial muscles.

We all have seen the destructive tide of conservatism flood Capitol Hill with a tsunami of paralyzing obstinacy.

Now it seems that conservative Supreme Court justices saddled us all with Obamacare with their bullheaded all-or-nothing totalism.

John Roberts reportedly switched his views in support of the health care law about a month ago, in part shoved to the other side by the conservative Gang of Four Supremes.

And now we’re all stuck with Obamacare. I wonder if any health care plans cover getting conservatism treated?

It seems as if Roberts would have gone along with striking down the mandate if the other conservatives would have upheld some aspects of the law.

But the four Genghis Khan wannabes kept saying nyet to compromise more often than Mitt Romney does to full financial disclosure.

Remember that when the health care system turns into a basket case floating us all down the Mississippi.