First Joe Banner and now his wife. Could Jeff Lurie dump Andy Reid next?

Now the Luries are getting divorced, too. Must be a bug going around in all this heat.

Guess Christina and Jeffrey, Oscar-winning filmmakers together as well as partners in their side job of owning the Philadelphia Eagles, must have been hanging out with Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

Perhaps the foursome are now going to swap partners. That would be more fun blogging about than the Birds winning the Super Bowl.

The Luries claim they will continue to work together as partners and that their divorce will have no impact whatsoever on the ownership, the business and the operations of the Eagles.

Pardon me if I doubt that it will all be that seamless. I mean, could you work with your ex-spouse? Mine would shuffle my bicuspids with a tire iron.

With Jeffrey now divorcing Christina and Joe Banner, how come Andy Reid sticks around? Must have a helluva pre-nup.