June job numbers do another number on Obama

Remember the quaint old days when the monthly job numbers were a mere medley of mathematical mumbo jumbo that pundits could spin like wheels in a slot machine?
Good times never last, of course.
Now the monthly job report just sticks a dirty thumb in Barack Obama’s soup, making him the first president since Herbert Hoover to sport the expression of a man wearing a cactus thong.
Today’s latest jobs report made everybody in the White House and Obama Team headquarters in Chicago faint simultaneously, leaving absolutely nobody to answer the phones.
Yep, the unemployment rate remained stuck like a lethal clot at 8.2 percent – and the economy added a crummy 80,000 jobs in June.
And most of those jobs were either working at a Rita’s Water Ice stand or on the Wildwood boardwalk.
Mitt Romney took a quick break from doing his cuticles while on jet skis at his New Hampshire lakeside retreat where all the Cotton Street residents also spend their Julys to pounce on the numbers and Obama like Oprah tackling an all-you-can-eat buffet.
These horrific monthly numbers are adding up to the count of 10 over Obama in November.