Will too much loot capsize the U$$ Romney?

To a mere pauper like me it appears that Mitt Romney has struck the jackpot in life.

He’s a real life Richie Rich grown into middle age.

Wealthy guys definitely emit an aura.

Women draw an audible breath around them, even if they don’t look like David Beckham or yours truly.

Men look down around them. They are reminded again and again of their lack of worth.

Besides his own luminous bank account, Romney’s campaign war chest is bigger than Dolly Parton’s chest.

Republican super PACs aligned with Romney have raised four times as much money as those supporting President Obama.

So how in the world can money possibly be the root of all evil to Romney’s election chances?

Well, there is conjecture that Romney’s wealth is becoming more of a campaign liability as the nation’s economy limps along with a blown-out ACL.

The theory goes that Romney doesn’t exude enough sensitivity to average Americans whose bank accounts are bouncing on empty.

FDR and JFK did pull that off even though they too had enough dollar bills to wallpaper multiple mansions.

Willard Mitt Romney can’t be WMR because that’s already a radio station.