Here's a toast to your health Mitt for having the guts not to wear your famous flip-flops at the NAACP convention

I give Mitt Romney the highest of props today. Dwight Howard high.

Romney could have spent his Wednesday doing something fun — like digging ditches, lubing jackhammers or ghost writing this blog.

Instead, he did something that had to hurt worse than having a half-dozen root canals sans the Novocain while having his right (please take the left one, doc!) foot amputated.

He went behind enemy lines.

He spoke at the NAACP’s annual convention in Houston. As you know, African-American voters don’t exactly embrace Romney. A whopping 87 percent of them say they support President Obama. The other 13 percent can’t understand why Mormons can’t drink black coffee.

Mitt was not only there but had the guts to tell them what they didn’t want to hear: That he’d repeal Obamacare if elected. The boos rained down on him but Romney never once asked for shelter from the storm.

OK, I’ve sometimes spoofed Romney for being stiffer than my mixed drinks. But this time having some steel in his spine works for me.