Despite facing a sitting president who’s a sitting duck, things aren’t so ducky for Romney

There is something sad about Mitt Romney’s plight.
He should be a slam dunk to kick Barack Obama’s butt in November.
In 2008 Obama left people breathless.
In 2012 Obama is like a bout with pneumonia. He takes people’s breath away.
There is a distinction.
With the economy and Obamacare, the president should be toast. But Romney may not get to spread the butter.
Strike one: Romney’s lack of charisma. At times you want to tap him on the forehead to test for termites.
Strike two: Romney can’t talk about himself. He’s an ex-governor who can’t discuss his record; an ex-capitalist who can’t discuss his record.
Strike three: His party is putting him in a position more difficult than opening a contrary bottle of wine.
He has to constantly assure the right wing that he won’t betray them, all the while trying to assure middle America he isn’t some conservative more rigid and archaic than a 90-year-old spine.
Have fun with that mixed message at the convention, Mitt. Especially if your veep pick isn’t right enough for the right.
The straddling act is leaving Romney more rubber-legged than if he had gone 12 rounds with both Klitschko brothers.
It’s a good thing for Romney that this isn’t a ballgame, where it’s three strikes and you’re out.
In this election, Romney still may hit it out of the park. That’s how flawed Obama is and how despondent the electorate is.