Republicans a very taxing nightmare for Romney

I honestly don’t mean to be piling on Mitt Romney this week. That’s not how I roll. I always wanted to lead the team in solo tackles, make the big hit in the open field and make all the ESPN highlights.
Unfortunately, ESPN had yet to be invented when I was knocking Jim Thorpe on his keister.
But I would be remiss to merely sit by and sip lemonade while watching my parched lawn wither and die like Lapland’s medal hopes in the upcoming Olympic Games.
How can you ignore a growing chorus of Republican and conservative leaders calling on Romney to release several years’ worth of his federal tax returns?
Imagine! A mutiny even before the poor guy is officially nominated. Even Rodney Dangerfield got more respect. Stick it to Mitt seems to be the party line, which doesn’t seem to be such a dandy omen.
As you may have heard on Fox News, Romney would give up all his hair and teeth and possibly his children before giving up his tax returns. His tax info is locked down tighter than Scrooge.
In fact, now there are reports had Romney known such a furor would erupt over his tax returns, he never would have run for president – about the only thing he and conservative members of his party apparently have in common.
Evidently some Republicans are turning on their presumptive party nominee because they never liked the guy, thinking he’s compromised because he fostered a health care system in Massachusetts that was the precursor to the dreaded Obamacare, and thinking he’s too rich and privileged to sell free-market ideas to a middle class that rarely goes yachting.
“The fact is, no one likes the guy or believes in him,” said the campaign manager for a former Romney rival.” Look back at our 2008 primaries. Who did all the other candidates dislike? Romney. Look at this year. Who did all the other candidates dislike? Romney. No one wants Obama to win, but no one likes the guy who is running against him.”
This whole thing is getting messier than canoodling with Britney Spears.
And you all thought the Democrats were the dysfunctional party, huh?
Wouldn’t it be all the buzz on social and mainstream media if Romney suddenly quit the race, making next month’s GOP convention in Tampa a rowdier brawl for it all than the latest WWE Battle Royal?