Two words about the anguishing Aurora shooting gallery: gun control

I am not generally a spiteful man. I’m gracious to even rude people, donate to the chess club, and mostly greet the world with open arms.

Of course, there are exceptions.

For instance, I would love to fricassee the gunman who opened fire in an Aurora, Colo., movie theater overnight and killed 12 people and injured 59 others.
How about dipping the guy in seal butter and dropping him into a polar bear’s cage?

In the saddest of ironies, the mass shootings took place at the opening of the Batrman movie The Dark Knight Rises.

A Dark Night indeed.

Whenever senseless tragedies such as this massacre leave us all screaming why? a sense of dread rises like summer heat off two-lane blacktop.

We can’t control nuts from going off.

But we can control the guns that wind up in their blood-stained hands.

Of course, we’ve squeezed that bullet from the chamber many times in the past.

And always missed the target.
God forbid someone shoot bullet holes into somebody’s freedom to bear arms.