Performance (or the lack thereof), not racism, is the measuring stick tripping up Obama

For those of you who are not color blind, you may have noticed that Barack Obama is black.
Should this matter? Of course not.
However, there are some Democrats who claim that Obama’s whiter-shade-than-pale campaign this year is because of racism, claiming that some Americans and Republicans are about as comfortable with a multiethnic society as they are juggling porcupines.
One problem with that: What happened to all that bias in 2008 when Obama won the presidency? Did Obama’s hope-and-change magic turn them all, well, color blind?
I have more doubts than an atheist at the Vatican.
You can color Obama’s campaign travails this time. And that would be the color of money. I believe that would be green if memory serves me correctly. After all, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen any.
Obama’s White House automatic transmission misfired, shifting him from forward into reverse.
An economy floundering like a dolphin flopping from the Schuylkill River onto Penn Street is why Mitt Romney is even in the conversation.
Granted, now there’s a guy with money!