Is the next Obama on deck? Mitt, meanwhile, takes a big cut at income taxes

If you know any Republicans, don’t break this news to them unless they’re sitting down. You wouldn’t want them to faint and hurt themselves.

The next Barack Obama may be upon us. So tell your GOP friends not to look back because he might be gaining on them.

Julian Castro, who evidently is not related to Fidel, will be the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention.

The 37-year-old San Antonio mayor is the first Latino ever tapped for the prime time address. In his second term, he is the youngest mayor of a top-50 American city.
The Stanford and Harvard Law grad is an Obama clone, has been a co-chair of the Obama campaign, and a campaign aide confirms he has been “a very effective surrogate on the stump.”
As mayor, he has put into practice some of Obama’s most cherished ideals by pressing a “new energy economy” and making educational attainment a priority.
Obviously this dude will be as popular as the gout with Republicans.
Will Castro be the next Obama? Well, until Nostradamus rises from the grave and predicts the future again, we need to play this thing out.
Between now and the future, we still need to play this little presidential election thing out.
Mitt Romney, who wants to push Obama into the past this minute, has proposed to slash individual income taxes by 20 percent across-the-board.
Works for me and likely works for you, too.
But it really will work for those making over $1 million, who will benefit most under the plan.
Imagine that. Mitt catering to the rich. Wonders never cease.