Obama’s poll numbers suddenly stronger than a Russian Olympic weightlifter

Granted, I realize many faithful disciples of the Zeke Blogosphere put about as much faith in polls showing good Obama numbers as they do in evolution, global warming and the Monkees’ right to tour while Davy Jones lays a-mold’ring in his grave.

Nevertheless, here goes: Three polls released in the last 24 hours show President Obama widening his lead over Mitt Romney to as much as nine points.
The surveys of registered voters, all conducted sometime between Aug. 2 and 8, also have Romney’s unfavorable ratings headed north. Two of the polls show his support among independents slipping.
The Romney camp is dispelling the numbers darker than storm clouds pregnant with malice simply as the summer blahs.

Others say the polls are reflective of Romney’s rocky overseas trip where his tongue played the part of a banana in tripping him up, and Democratic attack ads beating Romney like egg yolks over being an out-of-touch plutocrat and possible tax evader. Indeed, those spots have been airing almost as much as Geico commercials.

Now before you dismiss these polls, just know that the Fox News poll showed the largest deficit – nine points. Fox had Obama up 49 percent to 40 percent. Which had MSNBC complaining that Fox should stick to its right side of the airwaves.

CNN/ORC had it 52 percent to 45 percent for Obama and Reuters/Ipsos had it 49 percent to 42 percent for Obama.

Of course, poll numbers change more frequently than Romney changes his position.

So folks on the right can take solace in that while they pray for the economy to drag Obama down into the ranks of presidents placed on waivers as is they were linguini-armed quarterbacks after one term.