No matter how you slice it, Ryan's cuts to Medicare will hurt you more than Obama's cuts

Medicare is under assault. Who ever thought that Medicare would become the new Normandy.

If General Patton still were alive, he’d be ready to rumble his tanks all over Medicare.

Mitt Romney was stumping today in Florida, where a multitude of seniors sport I Like Ike buttons on their adult diapers.

Romney charged President Obama’s Affordable Care Act will “cut more than $700 billion” out of Medicare.

Which is true.

What Romney didn’t say was that Paul Ryan’s budget — approved by House Republicans and by Romney himself — would cut Medicare by the same amount. But it would be much more painful.
There are cuts and then there are cuts. Which is why there are butchers and why there are plastic surgeons.
There is a difference slightly wider than the Grand Canyon in these Medicare cuts.
The Affordable Care Act cuts those $700 billion by reducing Medicare payments to drug companies, hospitals, and other providers rather than cutting payments to Medicare beneficiaries.
The Romney-Ryan plan cuts those $700 billion by turning Medicare into a voucher whose value doesn’t keep up with expected increases in health care costs — thereby shifting the burden onto Medicare beneficiaries who will have to pay an average of $6,500 a year more for their Medicare insurance.
There is another contrast more striking than Katy Perry.
The Affordable Care Act uses its Medicare savings to help children and lower-income Americans afford health care, and to help seniors pay for prescription drugs by filling the so-called “donut hole” in Medicare Part D coverage.
The Romney-Ryan plan uses the savings to finance even bigger tax cuts for the very wealthy.
If Romney and Ryan win the election, my advice is stay healthy, my friends.
And here’s how:
Never watch hairlines recede or waists expand.

Never drink booze except to wash down your vitamins.

Never read the dictionary with a Kid Rock CD blasting your eardrums.

Stop waiting for Godot.

Avoid spinach as if it were crabgrass.

Quit cross-stitching now!

Only alphabetize your canned goods while nude.

Attend a workshop on why Moses never visited Paris.

Keep smiling even if a bus driver mistakes your front bridge for the Buttonwood Street Bridge.