Romney, a blue chip member of the 1 percent, says he is a 13 percenter when it comes to his tax rate

Mitt Romney made a lot of people cry today. A good thing. God knows we could use the moisture.

Romney told reporters that he’s paid an income tax rate of at least 13 percent for each of the last 10 years, providing more detail than ever on his recent payments.

The announcement immediately triggered tears of relief among Republicans and tears of regret among Democrats. In the latter category was Harry Reid, who reportedly went through 3 Kleenex boxes in an hour.

Romney’s pronouncement directly rebuked an allegation by Reid that Romney paid effectively nothing in incomes taxes during that time period.

According to the nerdy accountants at the Tax Foundation, the average effective federal tax rate for American taxpayers is 11 percent.

Romney finally divulged more information on his tax returns after having his feet put to the fire for months. After all, its difficult and painful to run for president with charcoal toes.