Hit The Road, Barack! Even some on the left are telling Obama to exit, ahem, left

If Newsweek were any farther left on the turnpike, it would be running into oncoming traffic.

So you know 2012 is hardly 2008 when the weekly magazine has a cover story telling President Obama to Hit The Road, Barack.

Of course, a lot of folks are looking back to 2008 as they mark their Obama report card. And they don’t like what they see when they look in their rearview mirror. No wonder they’re scrawling all F’s.

Back in the hope and change promise of 2008, some people thought Michelangelo someday would rise from the dead and paint Obama’s portrait on Mount Rushmore and a White House wall.

During that campaign Obama was leaving many breathless. Now he’s like a bout with pneumonia. He takes your breath away.

He sold hope and change back then but now he couldn’t sell bread in a famine. The dying light takes time and memory for a ride.

Obama promised a lot in 2008. The promises now are hollow and fallow.

Obama definitely is on the ropes. Only the disconnect between Romney/Ryan and segments of voters gives the president a shot at avoiding a first-term knockout.