Jon Voight is the biggest star at the RNC, which hardly is the Milky Way

Mitt Romney. Paul Ryan. Chris Christie. We Three Kings of the GOP.
I don’t know how much frankincense and myrrh they got, but I know they have more gold than a rap star hangs around his neck.
And they are wise men and kings. After all, they are Republicans.
But if somehow the unthinkable transpires and President Obama pulls an elephant out of his butt and wins the election, the GOP will need a stalwart in 2016.
Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Jon Voight.
The 73-year-old actor once was the Midnight Cowboy. Now he’s Angelina Jolie’s father. In four years he could be the next Ronald Reagan, a much less accomplished actor than Voight who found himself landing the lead role in the White House.
Voight, a former lefty who started listing to the right when his spinal column grew more rigid than his once chiseled abs, was a regular rock star today at the convention.
Voight certainly sounded like a true, red Republican.
“I’m trying to keep things on the light side,” he said moments after saying “President Obama is a dangerous socialist who hates successful people, encourages dependency on the government, has harmed America’s standing in the world, has injured America’s strategic alliance with Israel, and will lie, cheat, and do many other reprehensible things in order to retain power.”
Can you imagine what Voight will say when he keeps things on the heavy side?
I know Voight and Jolie’s relationship has been on the rocks more often than my Scotch. But a Voight-Jolie Republican ticket in 2016 would have more star power than those novelty acts on America’s Got Talent.
Can they win one for The Gipper?