Mitt Romney was so presidential you could hear Hail to the Chief playing in the background

I’m not sure even his own party thought Mitt Romney was ready for prime time last night.
The Republicans killed time with an Eastwood Clintastrophe that had the ancient actor talking to an empty chair posing as President Obama.
It’s clear that Eastwood thinks Obama is an empty suit and it would make Clint’s day to see the president get dumped in November.
Then Marco Rubio, who supposedly was introducing Romney’s acceptance speech, instead introduced himself to a prime time audience as he launched his 2016 presidential campaign.
Call Marco a real team player.
Poor Mitt didn’t get to the podium until 10:40 or so. It was remarkable that a 65-year-old was still awake and not wearing his pajamas.
But awake he was. Perhaps fueled on NoDoz, Romney wasn’t an electrifying presence. Lightning bolts didn’t emit from the electrons cascading from his lips. But he was presidential as hell.
Romney was there to convey that he actually is a human being with a heart, not just a business machine with a calculator. He showed genuine emotion talking about his family.
It was a thematic speech, focusing on Mitt as a regular guy who puts on his pants one leg at a time. Even if the pants belong to a $5,000 suit.
And his address focused on rehabilitating his business record.
I, for one, thought he did both.
Romney also offered a summary of Obama’s failed record, a dispassionate review of a president who overpromised and under-delivered.
Romney found room for some vision and policy, ranging from energy to spending to healthcare.
Of course, there was no mention of Social Security, Medicare, Iraq, Afghanistan, illegal immigration and why Mormons can’t take their Christianity straight up.
Then again, the hour was getting late.