Having Bill Clinton as the keynote speaker helps, but having his sense of liberalism would help Obama much more

It would be a bit strong to characterize it as a Charlotte Web of Deceit.
However, Bill Clinton going to bat for Barack Obama at the DNC is somewhat disingenuous.
Nevertheless, Slick Willie will be the good party soldier rallying the troops to storm the ramparts of Fort Romney/Ryan.
We all know there is no love lost between Clinton and Obama ever since Obama aced out Hillary in a 2008 primary more bitter than, well, Hillary about Monica Lewinsky.
Obama needs Bill Clinton’s public support, no matter the rift between them. If the president can somehow hoodwink the electorate into thinking he too can be like Clinton, Obama might be reelected despite an economy more comatose than the stiffs sporting toe tags at the morgue.
But Clintonism, that brand of centrist Democrat politics that helped make him the first Democrat to win reelection since FDR, also is dead.
Conservative and centrist Democrats, so critical to Clinton’s efforts to reform welfare, balance the budget, and erase the image of the party as being reflexively anti-business, have migrated like dodo birds.
Clinton’s liberalism is not Obama’s liberalism.
And the latter seems as popular as bunions with a populace surprised that Obama didn’t unearth Vladimir Lenin to be the keynote speaker.