Bill kills! Chills Republicans

Bill Clinton may be older and frailer and would hardly be mistaken for a Calvin Klein stud, but like some other aging rock stars like the Stones, the man still can rock the house.

He did just that last night at the DNC where he rocked the Republicans so hard they were quivering like Elvis in his prime.
Don’t take my word on it, all of you who would love to smack Bill in the kisser with Monica’s purse.
GOP strategist Alex Castellanos said last night that Clinton’s speech tilted the scale: “Tonight when everybody leaves, lock the door. You don’t have to come back tomorrow. This convention is done. This will be the moment that probably re-elected Barack Obama.”
Well, that might be a bit of hyperbole, but the emotion of the moment can be as hot as a skillet.
Indeed, it was vintage Clinton — charismatic, charming, cunning and centrist – a bravura performance that elicited a rapturous reception.
Clinton is the greatest politician of our lifetime and nobody can frame an argument more effectively than he.
Yeah, he was too long and too wonky at times. But only Clinton can make wonk cool. Hs personality enabled to pull off a dandy double play – being substantive and riveting at the same time.
Rollins and Utley in their prime couldn’t turn in a double play that acrobatic.
There is no love lost between Clinton and Obama, but the former gave a rousing argument why America is better off now than four years ago and why it will be better off four years from now if Obama is reelected.
Clinton never has had the podium flair of a maestro. But he argues a case with the disarming style of a gifted Southern lawyer.
He said that no president in history could have fixed the heaping mess the GOP left Obama in just four years.
He took apart Romney and Ryan on virtually every point – ranging from Republican obstructionism to welfare ads to tax cuts to Medicare and, perhaps most alarming of all, that Medicaid would be imperiled and that nursing care would be crippled under a Republican reign.
Clinton also took the political discussion back to the center where Democrats must return.
Bill Clinton simply was stunning as he nailed it for partisans and persuadables.