Once again the Mideast is trapped in a combustible abyss of hatred, intolerance and political strife. Can’t they all just lighten up over there?

I wouldn’t say it’s a Mideast meltdown, but the fury in the Arab heartland right now is raging fireplace hot.
U.S embassies in Sudan, Tunisia, and Yemen were all under siege today by protesters angered by a meth cooker’s low-budget movie that denigrates the prophet Muhammad.
Of course, the molten emotion is about much more than the lousy movie.
Yes, the movie ignited the spark. But pouring ample gasoline on this fire also were the 9/11 anniversary, deep-rooted anger against America and now the region’s high-stakes faceoff between ultraconservative Islamists and struggling new leadership in countries like Egypt and Libya.
It’s a major mess, of course. I’m not sure the Obama administration or anybody else right now has a solution to quickly douse the firestorm before it escalates into an inferno.
Currently Obama is busy trying not to tear a labrum while reaching for an excuse why our embassies and consulates in Arab countries weren’t on high alert during 9/11 week.
I just wish that the folks in the Mideast would be more laid back. The winds of friction and hatred have been howling there for centuries. It’s as old as water.
Will it ever be thus until Armageddon arrives?
I’m afraid so.
Meanwhile, the dying light takes time and memory for a ride.