The Eagles have more turnovers than a pastry shop and (gulp!) two dramatic wins

Now I get the Eagles’ MO this year: Treat the opponent like a guy who was ahead all night at poker and then ends up bumming cab money home.

For the second straight week this young season the Birds kept killing themselves with enough turnovers (a whopping nine this year) to make you hurl lunch, then pulled out another can-you-believe? victory with a clutch fourth-quarter drive orchestrated by that celebrated dean of discipline — one Mr. Michael Vick.

Today’s 24-23 win over the Ravens was much more impressive than last week’s Houdini finish against the Brownies.

The Ravens are a load. They finally have some weapons on offense and their defense is anchored by linebacker Ray Lewis. If Lewis went swimming in Loch Ness, the monster would get out. If Lewis and safety Ed Reed are not the best of all time, they’re at least in the photo.

The Eagles spent the first half screwing themselves into a ground like a suicidal corkscrew. Shady McCoy fumbled for the second time in two weeks; Vick threw another across-his-body interception in the end zone — a cardinal sin he vowed to give up like dog fighting.

At halftime Andy Reid considered fleeing the Linc for the safety of home, where he had a choice of either alphabetizing his desserts just for kicks or ripping out a backyard juniper bush with his bare hands.

A good thing for Reid that he stuck around to watch the Eagles somehow careen to another win despite losing center Jason Kelce and left tackle King Dunlap to injury. They had Ed Rendell suited up as an emergency offensive lineman.

If the Ravens watched the game films on the Eagles-Browns, they should have known what was coming. When Vick climaxed a 10-play, 80-yard winning scoring drive with a 1-yard run, the Ravens got knocked out by a barroom left hook you could see coming all the way from Wichita.

Yep, the Eagles are unbeaten, untied and undisciplined — what a recipe for must-see TV and agita.