Is Romney video really a ghost in his closet?

Some folks are saying this could be a blockbuster moment in the campaign, but who really knows?
This campaign already has been going on since the invention of fireworks and there still are weeks and several debates to go, not to mention ample time for the economy and global unrest to send us all to hell with a seat next to the furnace.
All that, of course, could scramble the algebra.
Suddenly the 100 Years War seems shorter than Tom Thumb’s thumb.
In a video taken at a fundraiser earlier this year, Mitt Romney is captured telling some 30 big donors that 47 percent of Obama supporters will vote to reelect the president because “they are dependent on government” and “believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.”
The anonymous filmmaker posted several clips across the Internet today and leaked the video in full to Mother Jones, where Romney can be seen and heard making incendiary remarks about immigrants and Obama supporters “who pay no income tax.”
When discussing his background, he said that he’d “have a better shot of winning” if he had been “born of Mexican parents.”
Well, there likely are Obama supporters who hold some of those views, but 47 percent is a number more fictional than The Great Gatsby.
And how many among us are actually shocked that Romney would say such things?