Lady Luck is on this date with Obama, the pickins have been lush, and there's no sign she's gonna give him the brush

OK, how does one piece together this puzzling puzzle of a presidential campagin?

President Obama’s reelection hopes should have plunged down an elevator shaft months ago, his pockets weighed down with a rotten economy, terrible unemployment, the Mideast going more nuts than a psycho ward, and a national debt more massive than Oprah after a six-course meal.

Instead, Obama is ascending a spiral staircase. He’s smiling so much these days his periodontist is worried the president’s gums will split wide open like Mitt Romney’s campaign.

So what’s going on?

Well Obama may be hat rack thin but he’s fat with luck — primarily because all the pandemonium over Romney’s pratfalls have Mitt in freefall.

Romney is falling behind in Iowa, Colorado and Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin. His prospects are also dimming in critical battleground states like Florida, Virginia and Ohio.

Perhaps we should not be surprised that Romney is floundering like a beached whale with poor fin-eye coordination.

The Republicans chose the guy who lost to John McCain four years ago. Picking the guy who lost to the guy who lost is not exactly a page from Vince Lombardi’s winning playbook.

All of which may have made Obama the luckiest pol ever!