Romney and Obama banging overheated radiators over “bumps in the road”

We get it. The presidential campaign is heading down the homestretch and the candidates are leaping like frogs on a trampoline at every opportunity they have to knock the other guy on his trousers.
It happened again today, folks. And it will happen again. After all, it’s been happening forever. Or maybe longer.
It was Mitt Romney’s turn Monday to yelp like bacon grease splattering on a hot stove in order to discredit Barack Obama.
Of course, Obama does that to Romney, too. If the former had a track record for the last four years and if the latter had a plan for the next four years, neither one would have to stoop to these tactics.
That’s because when you have Caruso (you youngsters Google the guy), you don’t need juggling acts.
Romney suggested that the president is downplaying crises unfolding across the Middle East by describing turmoil in the region as “bumps in the road.”
“I can’t imagine saying something like the assassination of ambassadors is a bump in the road,” Romney said.
Apparently neither can Obama.
White House spokesman Jay Carney today explained that Obama was referring to Middle East unrest in general and called the GOP claim “both desperate and offensive.”
Carney described the criticism as election year rhetoric, saying the Republicans are “reaching for reeds to grab onto.”
Granted, the Democrats, too, have reached for the same flimsy reeds on many occasions.
I just hope that neither side tears a rotator cuff reaching for them.