No time for R&R for the R&R boys in Ohio

I don’t know what it is about Ohio but it ranks slightly ahead of breathing for Republican presidential candidates.
No Republican has won the White House without it. You can look it up. It’s in all the history books.
So Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are double-teaming the state, kicking off a two-day bus tour today through the Buckeye State.
It’s the first time they have campaigned together since the convention. No word on whether Clint Eastwood or his empty chair also are on the bus.
Romney and Ryan were greeted by some bad news, a new Washington Post poll giving President Obama an eight-point lead in the state.
Perhaps that is not calamitous for the R&R team. Polls, in this day of fewer landlines and more cell phones, are a wildly capricious enterprise.
Granted, to avoid a possible fricasseeing, Romney and Ryan will pat a lot of toddlers, kiss a lot of babies, brag how they donate to the glee club, swear they greet the world with open arms, and promise they will deliver so many good times to Ohio they’ll need to hire a fleet of UPS trucks.