Mix a paucity of turnovers with a plethora of runs and you get a kicking Eagles’ win over the Giants

It’s not surprising that the Eagles beat the Giants 19-17 Sunday night at the Linc.
Surprising is when you wake up in the morning next to $100 million and Sofia Vergara.
The Eagles won because my alter ego, Zeke, picked them to lose. Just like they lost the previous week against the Cards when I picked them to win.
Contrary rascals, aren’t they?
But there was more to last night’s win than that, obviously.
For once, Andy Reid decided not to simply stick to aerial bombardment. He dusted off his infantry and Shady McCoy ran like a juiced water bug. Human legs were not designed to make that many astonishing zigs, zags, stutters and bursts. McCoy changes directions more quickly than Mitt Romney.
For once, the Eagles and Michael Vick were turnover free. Honest to God, they were. Must have used some of Fred Biletnikoff’s Stickum.
Of course, the finish was almost as dramatic as the late John Facenda, the Voice of God, reciting a grocery list.
It appeared as if Eli Manning again would be heroic in the clutch and salvage Zeke’s pick.
But Giants receiver Ramses Barden did something dumber than asking your wife why she’s putting on weight. He committed offensive pass interference that moved the Giants out of it’s-almost-a-lock field goal range to it’s-a-long-distance-prayer field goal range.
Granted, the Giants had moved into makeable field goal range on two pass interference calls against the Eagles.
I guess the real refs missed throwing flags during their lockout, so they littered the field with them on this drive.
Knuckles were pale everywhere until Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes was wide left on his 54-yard FG attempt and Iggles Nation suddenly was vibrating like a jackhammer.
For just a tantalizing heart attack moment or two.
Andy Reid had iced the kicker. Don’t you just hate when that happens? Even Andy wanted to kick himself.
So Tynes gave it another boot, and this time the kick was straighter than a Mormon. But just short.
Eagles fans gulped their Adam’s apples with their squeals of delight and texted their cardiologists and bartenders.
Zeke marked down another L and hit the sack.
Alas, there was no $100 million or Sofia Vergara in bed with me this morning when I awoke.
I guess that’s why I’m such a loser.