Romney scares the middle class more than a Hannibal Lector-chauffeured double date with Dracula and Frankenstein

Granted, the debates could scramble the algebra but, unless one of the candidates opens his mouth and a Muslim prayer rug flies out, probably not.
So just why does Barack Obama fare better than Mitt Romney in a new round of national polls?
Apparently it’s because voters, despite being overwhelmingly pessimistic about a sluggish economy and pessimistic about the future, believe Obama understands their lives better than Romney and would do more to favor the middle class rather than the very wealthy.
That’s why a sucky economy that is causing more pain than a softball passing through a kidney doesn’t seem to be flattening Obama like a tortilla.
If the polls are as predictable as Nostradamus, the decisive factor likely will be the oceanic divide between Romney and Obama when it comes to middle class appeal.
Interestingly, a number of national polls show voters splitting about evenly on whether Obama or Romney would do better handling the economy.
That must cause Romney to scream as thought he’s just caught a javelin in the groin.