It's hardly debatable that Romney cooked Obama like a Sammy's Steak!

Mitt Romney, from my perspective and I humbly concede that all of you are entitled to your own opinion, roasted Barack Obama like a rotisserie chicken in Super Debate I Wednesday night.
Romney was as hot as a waffle iron from the git-go, exuding an abundance of energy and crispness.

In contrast, Obama was languid in a somewhat wonky and boring-as-geology debate with a paucity of memorable lines.

Obama came across as a guy circling the drain. Perhaps he’s been inflating his ego by reading some poll numbers as if they were gospel authored by Matthew, Luke, John, Mark and yours truly.

Forget the content of what was said. The American electorate notoriously is more superficial than the vice president of the Lindsay Lohan Fan Club.

The real essence of this debate was style. Romney was as exuberant as a kid on his first Six Flags amusement ride. His words and delivery mimicked a dancer who moves like a clarinet glissando.

The result? Romney kicked Obama’s ass from here to Sacramento.