Government now trying to sell us a 7.8 percent unemployment rate. Is Obama prepping for his next job as an insurance salesman?

OK, liars figure and figures never lie. I believe either Woody Allen or Bob Dylan once scribbled that on a cocktail napkin over drinks with J. Edgar Hoover at Trader Vic’s.
However, conspiracy lovers as well as relatively normal people think today’s September jobs numbers are a big fat lie.
Can you cook numbers as if they were pasta? Supposedly not, but did we actually land on the moon?
Supposedly the U.S. added 114,000 jobs in September, helping to push the unemployment rate down to 7.8 percent.
How convenient and coincidental, don’t you think, that there is a little election coming up.
That 7.8 percent is the lowest since President Obama took office.
While the authenticity of that number is debatable, there can be no debate that Obama’s pratfall in his debate with Mitt Romney is having severe consequences.
According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released today, Obama holds a mere 2-point lead — 46 to Romney’s 44 percent — after Wednesday’s debate.
The survey finds a third of voters feel more positive about Romney after the debate, while a fifth feel more negative about Obama.
Obama’s poll numbers are flagging, as they should be.
It remains unfathomable to many that Obama astoundingly allowed Romney, he who loathes the unwashed 47 percent as if they were lepers, to prattle on and on pretending to be paragon of social understanding.
Why was Obama a zombie that night? Blame in on John Kerry, his debate sparring partner. That guy would put anybody to sleep.