Polls seem to be favoring Romney (I think)

While I’m half a Pole (which means I should be short but I’m tall), I’ve never paid attention to pole dancers (who slightly differ from polka dancers) and pay scant attention to polls.
But if you write about politics, you can no more totally ignore polls than if you write about football (which I do occasionally because I’m Zeke in an alternate universe) and totally ignore touchdowns (easier to do if you write about the Eagles, who seldom score touchdowns).
There is enough poll news today to shake a 10-foot pole or a 6-foot Pole at.
Mitt Romney now leads President Obama by four points (49% to 45%) among likely voters in the latest Pew Research Center poll.
Romney trailed by 8 points in that category last month. But it seems as if the Oct. 3 debate has caused a seismic shift.
Apparently likely voters now think that Romney offers new ideas and is better able to increase jobs and reduce the budget deficit.
And no longer have Romney and Mormonism confused with Tom Cruise and Scientology. No wonder many folks were hiding their children and grandchildren at Romney campaign stops for awhile.
In the wake of his debate debacle, likely voters evidently now think that Obama is burnt out as president and merely interested in warming his ego in the the White House’s celebrity limelight, a sad fate that thankfully eluded Millard Fillmore.
Granted, polls contradict each other even more than married couples.
This morning Gallup had Obama and Romney in a flat-footed tie (47% each) among registered voters. This afternoon Gallup had Obama up by 5 points (50% to 45% with the other 5 percent for Michael Vick).
So did a hearty lunch today suddenly boost Obama’s numbers faster than a Saturn rocket?
Or is the initial bounce that Romney received from the debate already starting to fade like Jay Leno?
No wonder polls can be more painful than root canal without novocaine.