Here a Big Bird, there a Big Bird, everywhere a Big Bird! No wonder the Founding Fathers didn’t put Sesame Street in the Constitution

Mitt Romney started this whole Big Bird mess by proclaiming defiantly and cockily during the debate that he’s gonna deep-six funding to PBS if he’s president.

And now Big Bird mania has hijacked the presidential campaign. Lincoln must be barfing in his grave. Truman must be punching his coffin apart.

Is this is what our Republic has been reduced to? What’s next? The winner of Dancing With The Stars and American Idol face off for the presidency and we dismantle the Democratic, Republican and all other political parties?

Then again, while that may be a tad superficial, we just might be better off.

Romney rapped President Obama today for focusing on Big Bird while ignoring jobs and the economy as if they homely girls at the dance.

The Sesame Street folks are upset by an Obama campaign ad mocking Romney’s debate pledge to cut funding for PBS.
I don’t understand why, but those PBS types are infinitely smarter than a mere Mensa like me.

Obama, of course, was trying to make political capital with the ad. As Romney was doing today.

Politicians do that. Which is why we need fewer of them and more celebrities.

Which is why God invented reality shows.