Filthy rich geezers hate Obama even more than what corn on the cob does to Super Poligrip

I don’t know why so many grumpy old wealthy men loathe Barack Obama even more than Lucifer and the side effects of Viagra.
Ancient rich dudes like Jack Welch, Sam Zell, David Siegel, Steve Wynn and Rupert Murdoch must be totally apoplectic today. The number of people seeking first-time unemployment fell this week, hitting a four-year low.
Welch, who already has accused Obama of manipulating the recent positive jobs report, reportedly is now so furious that he has gone on a bender of inhaling infinite shots of Welch’s Grape Juice.

Hopefully Welch is not too overdosed on sugar by the time the Veep Debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan lips off tonight.

Speaking of that, while Biden has spent the day practicing putting his foot in his mouth, Ryan has been buffing his biceps in preparation. Guess he’s gonna bring out the big guns tonight.