Obama-Romney II. Which guy will sell undecideds on why he’s the one to deliver us from evil?

Tomorrow night’s Round II between Obama and Romney could be as pivotal as a second baseman on a 6-4-3 double play – if you’re scoring at home.

Barack Obama was about as quick as a frozen ham and Mitt Romney’s piranha’s appetite turned the president into so much tapioca pudding in their first debate.

Consequently, the race now is as close as a guy in a plane sandwiched by a couple of 300-pounders short on deodorant.

There are those who say debates rarely decide elections. But this could be one gigantic exception.

Obama is expected to be more aggressive in the Town Hall debate at Hofstra University. Even if he raises his voice an octave just once he has to be more aggressive than the listless imposter in Round I.

But can Woody Allen suddenly morph into Sonny Liston?

The president figures to go after Romney on the latter’s shifts in tone and position over the years — and in some cases recent days — on tax cuts, immigration, abortion and other subjects.

He also is expected to press Romney hard on his contention that he can cut current income tax rates 20 percent across the board without increasing the federal deficit.

Romney likely will counter not only with a vigorous defense of his plan but with a recitation of economic woes that he says the Obama administration has helped exacerbate.

Again, it won’t be so much what they say but how forcefully, confidently and convincingly they say it.

Like a great pitcher or bowler or UPS truck driver, it’s all in the delivery.