Andy Reid, his reign of error nearing the end, terminates the lunacy of Juan Castillo as D-coordinator

Andy Reid, perhaps prompted by Jeff Lurie and motivated by that mammoth hot seat growing into an inferno under his continent-sized butt, fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo today and replaced him with Todd Bowles.
The move, one of desperation, was an admission that the hiring of Castillo as D-coordinator a year and a half ago was as illogical as advanced physics to yours truly.
Castillo was an outstanding OL coach, definitely not the proper pedigree to take over the defense. Castillo was about as comfortable on D as he would be living on Mars. It’s an alien world across the line of scrimmage.
Yes, the D was unimaginative, and it did allow two 80-yard touchdown drives in the fourth quarter to Detroit Sunday. And why a DL populated with studs could only collect seven sacks in six games is a bigger mystery than Romney’s tax plan.
Still, the big problem with the Eagles this year is the offense. It has been, to be kind, downright offensive.
It supposedly is stocked with players more explosive than a Taco Bell located next to a TNT factory. But the O has fizzled as drearily as fireworks in a thunderstorm, ranking 31st in points per game with a paltry 17.2. Michael Vick has more turnovers than a bakery. That alone has been a big hole in the Eagles’ donut.
Perhaps Reid should have fired offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg or benched Vick for Nick Coles.
Better yet, fire his own self
Reid’s shelf life in Philly has expired. He has grown stale. He had a good run, but never won the Super Bowl.
Unless a miracle breaks a sweat in South Philly the remainder of the season, Reid is the biggest piece of toast in captivity.