Monday night football, Monday night baseball and Monday night debate … did former outfielder Rick Monday over-schedule tonight?

OK, I get it that presidential elections are sort of important. Otherwise we would be living in Syria or China or Disney World.
Grave as this election is, what’s up with having the third presidential debate tonight?
Don’t the academics who schedule these things know this a Monday night in the fall? Have they not heard of Monday Night Football?
So tonight we have the Detroit Lions at the Chicago Bears, who like each other about as much as Israel and Iran, while Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are trying to woo us, con us and deceive us while debating foreign policy.
Factor in Game 7 of the NLCS between the St. Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants tonight and suddenly people who care about their sports and their democracy need three TV sets, six eyes and six ears. Which rules out everybody but circus freaks, I guess.
Then again, supposedly not too many folks in America give a whit about foreign policy. But you would think that the Benghazi debacle would have changed some of that.
Romney, of course, might just mention Benghazi once or twice. Just a hunch.
Obama, of course, might just mention he ended the Iraq war and brought home 30,000 soldiers from Afghanistan and has a plan to end that war. Just a hunch.
Pakistan, Israel and China will be on the agenda of powder kegs as well.
So far Obama and Romney don’t seem all that apart on a range of foreign policy issues but both likely will ramp up the rhetoric tonight to appeal to swing voters in battleground states.
Granted, it’s important for both to sound wooly serious and cactus tough. Neither wants to come across as a Caspar Milquetoast ready to be steamrolled by foreign infidels. Nor do they want to come across as a lunatic just itching to scratch his trigger finger on a nuke button.
Should be interesting TV for all those who watch the debate while fleeing the commercials over-populating the football and baseball games.