Obama and Romney yoked together in a battle of attrition

Down the stretch they come, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney going hoof to hoof like Affirmed and Alydar — so close they can hear each other’s labored, desperate breathing; so close they can see the other’s shadow; so close, so agonizingly close.
Two presidential candidates engaged in a furious trench war over those remaining undecided/persuadable voters scattered here and there in 10 battleground states that will determine the outcome and change the winds of destiny.

This horse race could wind up thisclose. The margin of victory could be thinner than Kate Moss.
Obama leads by a shrinking margin in the Electoral College, according to a consensus of the polls.
The race comes down to 10 states: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.
The result could be crazier than the Terrible Two Teds – Bundy and Kaczynski.
Those 10 swing states could produce a wide variety of outcomes, including one in which Obama loses the popular vote (because of a huge vote against him in the South) but wins the Electoral College (with bicoastal and Great Lakes states) or even a possible tie in the Electoral College, which would probably mean a Romney win in a constitutionally mandated House vote.
Even bobbing for Halloween apples isn’t that much fun.
Finger Obama for all of this. His fingerprints are all over it.
Prior to the first debate, Obama’s reelection chances were looking drop-your-popcorn good.

Then Obama threw away his momentum like a used Kleenex in the first debate and despite his subsequent snarky and scornful mood in the next two debates, he essentially has been a useless wad of pre-chewed gristle ever since.

Never mind that Romney has morphed into a chameleon marketing himself differently to different demographics and literally junking his entire campaign approach overnight. The extreme polarization in this country is giving Romney a free pass among the GOP/Tea Party right wing – for now.

The crucial component in this election is that Romney represents change and Obama represents more of the same.

When matters in the country ain’t all that peachy keen, change always beats more of the same.

In irony you could slice with a steak knife, Obama was change in 2008. He and things change.

The president is ruefully finding out that as you get older, change can be a loathsome demon.