Falcons air it out, Eagles err it out, and the read on Reid reads like an obituary

How bad were the Eagles as they swan dived to rock bottom Sunday in a 30-17 loss to the Falcons at the Linc — a nightmare that undoubtedly will be replaying regularly on the back of Andy Reid’s eyelids (assuming he can sleep tonight)?
The Eagles played like guys who have to sit and puff on straws to get their wheelchairs around.
Iggles Nation will digest this galling loss about as well as a mayonnaise-and-shrimp sandwich foolishly purchased from a street vendor.
The Eagles fell to 3-4 in the first loss after a bye week in Reid’s 14 years as head coach. It’s doubtful that Reid will be coaching the Eagles after another bye week.

During this bye, Reid waved bye-bye to Juan Castillo and the defense today was worse under new coordinator Todd Bowles.

The unbeaten Falcons scored on their first six drives and did not need to punt until the fourth quarter. That’s Sieve City, folks.

Compounding matters, the Eagles somehow didn’t have a single turnover and still got scorched by Matty Ice’s flame throwing.

I hate to suggest that the Eagles quit on Andy Reid today. But they were curled up in the fetal position.