Sandy a better matchmaker than eHarmony now that Obama and Christie are a couple

Sandy obviously blew a lot of things where they had no business being.
The strangest of all has to be the coupling of Barack Obama and Chris Christie. It took a continent-sized hurricane to couple this unlikely pair while tossing sanity onto the shoals of insanity.
Obama and Christie toured what’s left of soggy New Jersey today and it was a massive jolt of electricity for both in a state mostly without power.
Yeah, yeah, I know that Obama and Christie have told next Tuesday’s election to take a coffee break.
Do they think we’re dumber than single-celled organisms? C’mon, man! They both are getting plenty of political pop from Sandy.
Meanwhile, Mitt Romney is as helpless as a beached whale (no cheap-shot Chris Christie fat jokes, please!) trying to remain part of the national dialogue during these crucial days when he has no role in the hurricane response.
As you all know from my Zeke pigskin prognosticating, I’m remarkably clairvoyant. And I see the presidential vote being such a nail biter that sales of nail clippers will drop 47.4 percent during the fourth quarter.
Which is why Obama will grab onto whatever winds of opportunity Sandy has blown his way, all the while looking more presidential than ever.
Funny thing, when Sandy was howling past my house I didn’t hear strains of Hail to the Chief reverberating off my pine trees.