Is the election swinging Obama’s way? The answer my friends is blowing in the wind

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.
You just need to check the polls.
Thirteen swing state polls have President Obama .leading in 11.
Granted, poll numbers can be fuzzy math.
Nevertheless, the wind in Obama’s sails came courtesy of Sandy, which blew Mitt Romney aside as if he were a piece of porch furniture, and blew Chris Christie and now Michael Bloomberg toward Obama.
Bloomberg, a staunch independent and frequent Obama critic, endorsed the president today because he likes his stance on climate change. Sandy evidently brought that into stark relief for the New York City mayor. Seeing Manhattan subways gurgling like water coolers will do that to a man.
Two intriguing storylines are riding in tandem during the dwindling days of this marathon campaign.
One is all the flak Romney is getting about his not-so-little fib about Jeep and China. The heads of GM and Chrysler both in essence called him a liar. Now there is campaign fodder for Obama to pounce on like a starving predator. The president needs a piranha’s appetite chewing on this down the stretch.
The second is what the hell actually happened in Benghazi. The conservative grassroots folks are up in arms over the Obama administration’s shifting and contradictory answers as well as accusing television networks and other news media outlets of engaging in a cover-up to protect the White House.
There are rampant suspicions that there are no legit answers and that Obama is trying to run out the clock on this until after his final election is over. He has about as much interest in coming clean as a blind man has in rainbows. The Romney camp wants to stick this blatant evasion on Obama like a toxic Post-it note.
With Romney’s momentum stalled like a 1971 Ford Pinto, the race, while still as tight as Scrooge, now seems Obama’s to lose.
With the president’s electoral base higher than Romney’s, the latter needs to make up ground just to break even.
Still, with the country so politically divided, Romney still has a good shot at becoming the next president. It may all come down to voter turnout.
It simply is impossible at this point to telegraph the election outcome like a veritable Samuel Morse.