Memo to Obama and Boehner: Wake up and smell the sanity regarding the fiscal cliff

OK, now that we have the little nuisance of a presidential election behind us and the reign of Barack I will continue for another four years, it’s time to prevent us all from doing a cannonball off the impending fiscal cliff.
President Obama already is trying to leverage his reelection into legislative success in another faceoff with congressional Republicans over taxes, deficits, the fiscal cliff and the toilet paper inventory on Capitol Hill.
Granted, we’ve been down this winding and rocky road polluted with potholes many times.
Call it Route 666.
House Speaker John Boehner says Republicans are willing to consider some form of higher tax revenue as part of the solution — but only “under the right conditions.”
Hollow or hallowed words? We shall see.
More than ever now that both sides have hissed away four years wallowing in partisanship, it’s time for open minds and compromise.
Feuding politics and philosophies could shatter the collective American piggybank, which hardly would be a good thing.
Without a budget deal to head off the fiscal showdown, the nation faces a combination of expiring Bush-era tax cuts and steep across-the-board spending cuts that could total $800 billion next year.
If you’re looking for a fast route – and why on earth would you? – to another recession, that’s the highway to hell you want to travel.